Saturday, 31 March 2007

Saturday Pleasures

We went to Bridgnorth this afternoon which is always a pleasure. The church there has a funny top to the tower, it always makes me think of another church perched on top - can you see it?

After Cream Tea at the Museum of Childhood I picked up a tatty set of shelves to revamp for my lentil jars in the kitchen, and a little Easter postcard.

Curry for tea and then see what my evening has in store! Hope you are having a good weekend.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Hello and welcome to anyone who spends the time to check out my blog - a new venture.

For a couple of years now I have been looking for a magazine that would suit me, it had to have inspiring stories, homecraft articles, beautiful photography, REAL people (not celeb gossip), luscious cookery and gardening ideas. I did NOT want loads of trivia and advertising. Needless to say my search was fruitless. Country Living and Prima were the nearest but not quite right. Then about two months ago I literally stumbled across the world of blogging. I cannot believe how wonderful some of the blogs are that I have found and read, every day if I can. The creativity is boundless, as is the enthusiasm and I feel sure that the warmth of so many of you is genuine - I will never buy another magazine again.

I hope to get to know you, learn from you and hopefully give a little as well. Please bear with me on this learning curve as I am not very IT literate and cannot take photos for toffee (husband Ian will have to help in that dept methinks!)

My first attempt will be to show you Irene, my latest rag doll, she cost very little to make, and incase you were wondering the hair is my first and very wobbly try at spinning (I have just bought an Ashwood Spinning Wheel - another learning curve!)