Saturday, 30 June 2007


My hubby and younger daughter are doing a paper round at the moment - in torrential rain! and my eldest daughter has gone on a post A level camping trip with friends - probably in torrential rain. I cannot make up my mind whether this is stoic undefeated spirit - or just a tad stupid! I meanwhile am in the warm, at the computer with a cup of ovaltine - nice!
The last week has been dreadful. We are very fortunate to be free of flood risk at home, however I work and daughter goes to school in Tenbury Wells which was very badly hit and constantly on the TV along with the poor folks in Yorkshire. What utterly amazed me was the speed at which small, teeny tiny streams became raging torrents. We could not get into town and the school was closed and used as a refuge centre.

The atmosphere in the town was a bit surreal afterwards, people cleaning up after the waters had gone were all pulling together and jolly, but it was a bit quiet as well, like a morning after a really heavy night. The bridge was closed until it could be assessed so there was hardly any traffic, so the only noise was from the fire engines pumping out all the cellars in the high street.

And now there is torrential rain yet again.

In a small sunny break in the weather this week I went next door and harvested the lavender. The house is empty and the owner is ok about it but I still felt a bit 'naughty'. The bunches are now hanging in the conservatory and drying nicely.

Two of the shops to be stranded in the flood were my charity shops! The Sue Ryder is closed but the Hospice fared slightly better and was open for business yesterday - well I had to buy something didn't I? To show my support. A lovely bit of lace, two egg cups, a book, a pair of shoes and this little chap.

I must now get on with some housework so that this afternoon I can sit and sew - some faces I think are badly needed around here!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Another Collection

I am sure I am not the only one whose foray into blogging has made them more aware of their surroundings. I am often looking at thinks now from a 'I could blog about that' perspective. It has also made me notice that I have collected things without even realising that that is what I am doing.

I have two daughters, and looking around my house I have realised I have collected 'two girl' ornaments and pictures, here are one or two;

This was a cross stitch which took me two summer holidays to do, at a time when my eldest would take her teddy with her everywhere, I often used to dread the thought of losing it. At 18 it stays under her pillow! but is still there when she needs him, minus one arm rubbed off!

I love this rather large print in our living room. We used to take holidays in a chalet near Minehead and walk on the beach every day. My eldest was very feminine, with skinny legs and a penchant for hats. My youngest was a tomboy who couldn't be bothered with dressing up and had a robust appetite! At 14 she has become as lanky as her sister though. As for mother, well I often have that far away slightly bewildered look in my eye - and my hair is always a mess! Can you tell why I love this picture?

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

A Small Confession or two - and Poppies

#1 - I do not like my windows, would much prefer diamond panes to look out onto the world through. They are much too big and modern. I have therefore let my virginia creeper drape itself down over them, but should I cut it back a bit? - or am I just too lazy?

#2 - I was going to do this hexagon blanket to single bed size - but I have got tired of it, and anyway the colours are much more suitable for a baby blanket, don't you think? that is how I justified doing a small border around it and saying 'enough'. It shall be washed and stored away for when a grandchild comes along

#3 - Ian got up early on Sunday and went photographing things - like barley fields and poppies. My confession here is that I did not want him to because we were having company for lunch and I was busy and needed some help. When I saw the photos though I could understand his point. They may have been nicer with blue skies but this was early with the mistiness just burning off. Don't you just love poppies? With more set-a-side and fallow around here they are becoming a familiar sight once again - along with the White Campion in the second photo. Enjoy:-

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Blogosphere is missing something

Smell! If only I could show you how good these smell. Old old roses from years ago, planted by the first owner of this house. Every year I think I will replace them - they are in the way and quite ugly much of the year - but come June and I remember why I don't. The scent is pure heaven.

On the other hand though, as far as smelli-blogs go, I would not inflict the smell of my comfrey tea on anyone! I keep chopping them down and they keep growing, just to make an evil brew which the tomatoes love

Pooo - what a whiff!

I was up early taking photos of the garden this morning, it is all so blowsy, the rain has produced abundant growth but has also spoilt many of the blooms. As well as smell I would like blogi-sound also, the hum of the bees in this bed was quite mezmerising this morning.

I posted some time ago that I was going to give up the struggle with the vegetable beds, well I am going to go more 'natural' , like my woodlandy bit at the bottom. However, I spy a nettle in the middle of this which is a little too natural methinks! I have quite enough of those at the back of my compost bins thank you very much! The fairy in quiet repose was one of a few given to me by my 'gang' on my 40th, I like to keep moving them around so they don't get bored!

I do not know if Ian is completely comfortable with the whole 'natural' look though, he came face to toe with one of the residents yesterday and got a slight shock. I think the Slow Worm was possibly less scared and slithered off discretely into a woodland geranium.