Sunday, 27 January 2008

Today seemed like a spring day so we decided to take a ride and pick up mum for lunch. The sun was shining, the birds singing - but the wind still had a sting in it.

We lunched at The Stiperstones Inn, we could all only manage one course, I would recommend anyone walking in the area to have a meal there, very good portions at a very reasonable price.


Afterwards we bimbled along through Snailbeach, The Bog, Hyssington and ended up at the independent supermarket in Churchstoke that is 'Harry Tuffins'. Whilst I chaperoned mum around the shop ~(first time out in ages and still a little fragile) Ian and daughter 2 went around the animals. How many supermarkets do you know that have a 'country park' tagged onto the side of it for the amusement of bored children and surplus husbands?

I found some lovely paper - it looks ideal for craftwork but I don't know what yet!

And a final photo for Anna, HPC's eyes were out on stalks in wonderment of the beauty of this county of mine!!! - I wonder where the next visit will be?

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Well I have taken a slightly longer than anticipated Christmas break. Was it a good one? Well it had its good moments for which I am thankful, but an 86 year old mum having a mishap (a freezer drawer accident), and a 64 year old big sister breaking her back in two places (actually did this at the end of November but obviously still incapacitated), together with tooooo many shifts at work and I didn't know which way was up!

Thank goodness for a return to something like normality, although I think the new normality will involve lots more driving to and from mum.

One bright moment was the arrival of Hillary P Cushion. Thank you! thank you! thank you Anna! He has settled in well, although we are having lots more rain again and he didn't look impressed this morning whilst gazing out at a very soggy garden.

Together with HPC came the most gorgeous little quilt, some lovely Christmas stickers and......posh chocolate! I had had a particularly bad day at work and came home to this!! I hope that the PIF parcel I sent off gave someone a lift too!

I promise I will treasure my goodies Anna, and I can honestly say that your handiwork really is as wonderful as it looks in your photos.