Monday, 22 September 2008

Bits & Pieces

There has been much talk in blogland about homemade cleaning products. Some talk of being 'greener' and with some it is a cost issue. At the same time though I have read a few bloggers comment that they could not use homemade washing products because they cannot believe it cleans as well as bought box powders, or that they like a fragrance. Well this is what I have used for ages, it's cheaper, convenient - and it works!

The M27 rootstock apple I planted earlier this year has given me 7 apples this year which I am very pleased with, hopefully it will go bananas next year (not literally!) It is 'James Grieves' and a very nice apple to pick of the tree as I walk past.

Last night tea was delayed as I caught a glimpse of a balloon coming very close to the house. We get them all summer but this one was close. The photos are taken after they have skimmed over our house - over the hills and far away.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Birds and The Bees (Butterflies too!)

Today has been one of those glorious September days, you know the sort I mean, one that is even more precious because the days will soon be short and cold and there is a certain expectation in the air of change to come. I was so pleased to see bees in the garden today, they have been a rare sight this summer.

My buddleia was a busy place today. Unfortunately it has got to go - to make way for more dwarf apple trees. I will be planting another one on the front garden though.

I did title this The Birds and The Bees, so here are Gucci, Chanel and Dior enjoying an afternoon on the lawn, while we took opportunity of the weather to dismantle, clean and overhaul their house.

Tomorrow is forecast to be another fine day so I am going to try and get up to the top of the village where I have spied a Crab Apple tree which is dripping in little golden apples. I look forward to making Crab Apple Jelly, Mint and Apple Jelly and anything else I can think of!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

First of all may I say a big thank you to Teresa at Honeycomb cottage for giving me this award

and also Tracey at funkeymonkey for this one

As far as I can see the rules are the same:-

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Should any of you ladies not wish to participate that is fine by me, I just wanted you to know that visiting all your blogs is a pleasure. There are many more of course, the world of blogging is such an interesting and inspirational place, and I am thankful to you all.

Now back to photos.

Chatsworth House, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, it will be more in the public eye as the film The Duchess hits the screens, I am sure it will be a huge success here and across the pond.

The day was beautiful, sunny but not too hot. The interior of the house is magnificent, just as I remembered it from years ago. Being very keen Austen fans we know that this is the house that Pemberley was based on in Pride & Prejudice, we could just imagine the divine Darcy strutting around the place! If any of you have the chance to visit I would urge you to do so, it is one of the finest houses in England.

This is a photo of the side of the house, unfortunately we couldn't take one of the front, but open the link and take a look at just how impressive the approach is!

DD wanted to visit the Blue John mines, one of the reasons we went to the Peak District, we all duly climbed and trudged down deep into the earth, although many photos were taken only a few came out, and here they are

It was quite an ordeal coming back up from the depths! but apparently it was worth it. This particular hill in the Derbyshire countryside is the only place on earth where Blue John is found. I could only afford a small ring for dd, it is tucked away to be found in her Christmas stocking. Take a look at the website - there is a good little video there.