Monday, 13 October 2008

Apples on an Autumn Day

So, this is how to spend a very enjoyable, very tiring, Sunday afternoon.

Take some good friends, with a few sacks of apples....

and one Scratter, ready to go.....

Place the apples in a barrel of water, a mix of varieties is always best....

Constantly feed said apples through the Scratter....

Buckets (and buckets and buckets!) of apple pulp result......

This then gets put through the Press, a little muscle power here helps.....

Phew! Now what is needed is more friends with more apples and another press

Oh and more friends with more apples!!!!!

The resulting apple juice (lots of it!) now ready for cider making, wine making (my choice) and for freezing to be savoured through the winter months.

Of course lovely food, good company, a lovely autumn day and lots of glasses of refreshing apple juice make for a perfect combination.


  1. So enjoyed your pictures today! i've always wondered how cider was made. I love drinking it myself (the American non-alcoholic variety) but have never seen it made.

  2. What a great way to spend a Sunday!! ;-)

  3. Yes - it was a good day wasn't it! You must save a bottle of the apple wine for our taster day in the Spring!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Love your Sunday activity. Mines a cold glass of cider please?
    Jane. x

  5. I didn't know you could freeze it, duh! Thank you!! Kind of like concentrate I imagine:-) Apple wine? You got me very curious:-)

  6. Looks wonderful, I love apple cider but I've never tasted apple wine.

  7. What a lovely day you must have had plus all the pleasure to be gained from all of those apples. I do envy you!

  8. Hello! I found you on Dulce Domum's blog. Looks like you had a tiring but productive day...I can almost smell those gorgeous apples!

    love, Tina :)

  9. Oh man, that looks like a lot of work! But I bet it takes soooo good. Do you make apple wine? I love it.

  10. That does look like fabulous fun! Mmmmmm apple wine... I've never tasted it before! But I do love a nice swig of apple cider vinegar to clear my throat in wintertime.

    So glad you enjoyed my post today. I need to keep reminding myself to be happy sometimes! =)