Sunday, 17 January 2010

A pleasant weekend.

A relaxing weekend was needed and that's what I've had. Puttering around the home, some washing, ironing and a good amount of knitting. I also popped into a few thrift shops and I think I have found a few bargains.
In the Cats Protection League this lovely wool, all ready to spin. A whole bag for £2.50. I think I will spin, knit and felt a bag with it. I am not sure what type it is, is very soft - Merino perhaps? I am still a complete novice at this!

In the Cancer Research three balls of Click for £1.50 - lovely.

This is on the way to being a tea cosy, not for me though because my kitchen is blue and yellow! I might do a few of these I think.

I cannot believe how quickly the weekends go by. We will be starting a new project at work in the next couple of weeks and things will get even more manic than they already are. The weekends will be even more precious then.


  1. Didn't you get a good haul! Happy knitting and spinning:-)

  2. wow, great find, thats a lot of wool for £2.50, and it does look gorgeous!

    leanne x

  3. We had a tea cosy with that pattern when I was little back in the 50s, I must look for a pattern for one!