Monday, 11 January 2010

A Return

I was looking over my blog during the Christmas holidays and it confirmed to me that I have missed blogging. It was a time consuming hobby, what with posting and reading others posts. At the time I lapsed the demands on me were too much and something had to give. However, what I have come to realise is that the world of blogging was one that inspired me to do things, try harder and learn more. I also have missed taking photos which are a lasting record of my life here in Shropshire, one that I can always look back on and keep as a history for my children (and hopefully grandchildren).

Quite alot has changed since my last post. I hated my part time and well paid job, it took alot of effort and some considerable time to change, and when change came it was a big one! I now work 40+ hours a week in a stressful, lower paid role, but with really great people around me. I have made my choice but of course it means much less time to do the things that inspire me. Nevertheless I will do it gladly for now, and will attempt in 2010 to return to the things that give me pleasure.

Two plus points are that my new job is no more than 1/2 a mile from my front door, and the view from my office window is this . The hedge is gorse and blackberry, there is a gently sweep down across glorious farmland, and then up to Titterstone Clee. I never get tired of this view, it changes every day. Today the Clee is obscured by yet more snow clouds.

Finally, how brave are these little ones?


  1. OhMyGosh! What a thrill to see you back blogging! I'm so glad I didn't take you out of my reader -- I hope you'll be here for awhile this time. Love your pictures -- just can't believe those little daffodils -- we won't see any of those around here for at least 3 more months!

  2. It is lovely to see you back! I had wondered where you had gone!
    The view from your work is wonderful and must be quite calming in times of stress.
    I am amazed at those daffs!!

  3. So nice to have you back. Thank you for stopping by to comment!


  4. Glad to see you back!

    Cath x